Where To Buy Korean Skincare Online in 2023

When it comes to buying Korean beauty products, we women always struggle. It looks like the biggest lovers of this kind of product live far away from where they’re sold, and this means it’s necessary to find good and reliable sources from where to buy Korean products.

This article aims to give you a list of trustworthy online shops to buy Korean beauty products online. Before focusing on the list, let us give you some useful advice on choosing the best place to buy Korean beauty products online according to your needs.

Korean products online: tips and advice

In choosing the best outlet where to buy, remember to check the following things:

Shipping Costs

When a website has high shipping costs, you need to evaluate if these costs can be amortized by the number of products you’re going to buy so to be somehow justified.


Lately, for customers in Europe, many things have changed and people can end up spending way more when they purchase from abroad because of custom. Checking how much custom charge for every single package is a good way to decide which is the best place where to buy Korean products online. As per the shipping costs, it’s necessary to evaluate how the final price can be justified by the number of goods ordered.

shopping online

Products’ availability

Not all of the online shops have the same inventory and availability. Some of them are specialized in some brands over others or some types of products over others. This means you need to evaluate which is the best solution for you: if you end up buying from different places because none of them have all the products you need/want, your final costs will be very high.

Market of reference

Not all the shops have in mind the same market. Some are more focused on the US, others on Europe, others on Australia and so on. This usually means that if you order from a place specifically targeted over a certain country, you either can face crazily high shipping costs or you can’t simply order because they don’t sell in your country. Make sure you check where a particular shop sells its products before starting adding things to your cart.

Korean beauty products online where to buy

After having given you these practical tips, here the list of some of the places where to buy Korean beauty products online: they are very similar one to another, so you really need to dig and choose the one(s) you like the most. Keep in mind that on all of them you can regularly find discounted products, and this is the real deal.



Probably the most famous and used website for Korean products, YesStyle offers plenty of Korean products. The inventory is almost endless, and it goes from very well-known products to new releases or very niche goods. The prices are usually a bit higher than other online shops, but the customer service is impeccable, and they often, if not ever, offer discounts on brands or products. They also refund customs to European customers in a credit to be spent on the site. Sometimes the website can be particularly confusing.

Use Code ASIANBEAUTYC at checkout to avail of a customised discount!



Located in South Korea, StyleKorean is all focused on beauty products, and it’s a pleasure to shop over there because everything is well organized and products are easy to find. They offer free delivery to the US if the order is at least $70 and the total shipping weight is less than 4.4 lbs. They limit every order to $200 or less (excluding the cost of shipping) to comply with customs issues. 



A real Korean department store where you can buy beauty products and clothes, accessories, and food. The products are shipped directly from South Korea, and the Outlet section of the site is usually a big deal since many products are extremely discounted for a limited amount of time. They also host special days where customers can buy discounted products from a single brand or receive special treatment after their orders. The shipping costs vary according to the weight of the package and the destination. 


Tester Korea

With its prices lower than many other websites, TesterKorea.com is a mine for Asian Beauty Lovers; prices are shown in Euro, USD, and KRW to allow people to decide upon their needs and the country from where they’re from. I find the Limited Sale section of the site particularly nice, where you can find products sold with a consistent discount but only for a limited amount of time. The site denies responsibilities when it comes to customs duty. 



Packed with Korean beauty products, Jolse can be a real deal. In fact, the prices for some items are amazing during their sale periods. They don’t offer any support in customs but offer a refund in case the order went wrong or if you want to send back something (by 7 days); their items are always very well wrapped, and customer service is always available. Big downside: usually, they deliver 5-6 days after the payment, and this has to be considered if one is in a rush. 



The Korean beauty products sold at IBuyBeauty are less expensive compared to other stores, but the inventory is a bit limited, so it’s a good thing to check before placing an order. Orders usually take between 7-10 days to arrive at the final destination, and the site also offers a refund in the case of problems with the custom. 



The prices at Roseroseshop.com are shown in Korean Won, but you can change currency on top of the page. They offer Express and Standard Delivery to most countries; refund or exchange is possible, but only under certain conditions. Customers are fully responsible for any of the customs issues. Click here to visit the website.



A different kind of shop, where sellers can list their items and sell them; more similar to eBay than every other site on this list, GMarket allows sellers to sell their Korean stuff at different prices. This means that if it’s true, you can spot a deal. It’s also true you need to put a lot of effort to success. Overall, the buying experience is very similar to Ebay’s, and sellers are also rated by buyers; once you order, sellers send everything to GMarket warehouse, where items are packed and delivered internationally. Shipping fees can be very high because they are based on the total weight of the final package. 



BeautyNetKorea is one of the most known and used websites and the reasons are simple: reasonable prices, usually free shipping (which is always a good thing), lots of freebies. You’ve probably read many horror stories about this store (people receiving goods used before, for example). Still, overall this site is a good place to buy Korean beauty products online despite a website that should definitely be improved from a user perspective. 


amazon korean

Let’s face it: Amazon is an incredible place where to buy Korean products. Prices can be a bit higher, but the shipping time is quick, and we all know how reliable Amazon is in terms of authenticity. For me, even if sometimes it costs a lot of money, it’s a definitive YES. Click here to visit the website.

The guide covers what we think are some of the most reliable websites from where to buy Korean beauty products online; did we miss something?