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Wondering how to get straight Korean eyebrows? Look no further: in this step-by-step guide we will show you how to get straight Korean brows with and without trimming your eyebrow hairs.

Straight Korean brows have something to do with how young you look, and it’s not a mystery that Korean women want to appear more youthful.

Straight eyebrows tend to give a youthful innocence to the face. It goes without saying that for Western women achieving the same result can be challenging: Korean and Asian women are less hairy than Western women, and this translates in having the chance to straight their brows way easier.

Straight brows mean you don’t have an arch, not above or beyond, and your brows won’t follow the line of your eyes. This result can be achieved by accurately trimming your eyebrows or just by styling them in the right way.

Want to learn how to create this look yourself? Keep reading this step-by-step guide to straight your brows: we will guide you through the two processes traditional used, with and without the trimming.

How To Get Straight Korean Brows Without Trimming Your Eyebrow Hairs

If you’re too scared to trim your brows and you don’t want to risk you don’t like them, just buy a few products that will allow you to give a different shape to your brows and follow this tutorial.

1. Brush your eyebrow hairs

Brush your brows so that you can see where to draw the straight lines and fill in your brows. To do so, you need an eyebrows brush, and the choice is almost infinite.

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2. Fill in your brows with a pencil

Buy an eyebrow pencil or a gel a bit lighter than your natural brow color. Start drawing over your brows, making sure you draft straight brows around your natural shape.

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3. Fill in your brows with eyeshadow

Once you’ve designed perfectly straight brows, fill in the empty areas by using the same eyebrow pencil and make sure you draw over the existent brows to make sure there won’t be an arch.

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4. Apply concealer to cover irregular lines and your existing arch

Use a complexion or a concealer to give a smooth touch to your eyes and your face, making you look different and even younger.

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How To Get Straight Korean Brows

How To Get Straight Korean Brows By Trimming Your Eyebrow Hairs

If you’ve no fear and you want to go straight, you need to reshape your eyebrows completely. This can be done by trimming them and making sure it won’t follow your natural line, but it will have a new and different shape. In this case, you need to buy an eyebrow razor, an eyebrow pencil a few shades lighter than your color, a brow spoolie, and a pair of tweezers.

1. Map out your eyebrow shape

Before you get to trimming your brows, it’s best to define their shape. Follow the step above to set your straight line to have a path to follow when you’ll start trimming the hair.

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2. Start with the razor

Line up the razor parallel to your eye. Move the razor up and down to clean up stray hairs razoring away any arch in the brow.

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3. Use scissors and tweezers to refine the shape

Once you’ve removed your eyebrow hairs and gave them the straight shape, it’s time to remove the excessive hair by using scissors and tweezers. Make sure you don’t go overboard, or your eyebrows will change their shape again.

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4. Calm your skin

If, after all the trimming, your skin looks irritated, apply a bit of aloe vera gel to calm it. Aloe gel absorbs rapidly, and it doesn’t let you greasy so you can keep working on your eyebrows a few minutes after having applied it.

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5. Draw a line and fill it

Once you’ve done, draw a line straight from the highest point of your brow. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil making sure to give some definition to your eyebrows, keeping it soft and light.

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6. Give a final touch to the eyebrows

Give your brows a natural direction by using a spoolie and eventually, a gel. Make sure you fill the empty spaces with more color. Apply concealer to give your skin a flawless texture.

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How to Get the Perfect Straight Line to Your Eyebrows

To avoid problems, especially if you’ve opted for the trimming and get a perfectly straight line to your eyebrows, you can use “eyebrows stencils.” They are little pieces of plastic shaped in different ways and to be used to give your eyebrows the perfect shape. Place the one you like on top of your eyebrow, and follow its line by drawing with a pencil over to your existing brows; once you’re done, start trimming or sculpting your eyebrows for a professional result.

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Conclusion: Trimming or Not Trimming?

If you want to try the look of the straight brows on your face, we recommend you go for the non-trimming method: it’s much more flexible, and it gives you control over your look. If you’re confident enough to try the trimming, by any means, go for it, but remember that your appearance will change for quite some time, so make sure you want to have Korean straight eyebrows for an extended period before embarking in the trimming.

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