The 10-Step Korean Hair Care Routine to Follow at Home

Korean beauty routines often contain rigorous and elaborate steps that need to be followed. These routines are intense but definitely worth all the time and effort. The final outcome will have all the onlookers swooning over your look. So whether it is the skin care regimen or a hair care routine, it’s important to first read all about it before you begin adopting it in your life.

10-Step Korean Hair Care Routine

The 10-Step Korean Hair Care Routine begins the care right from the scalp. It aims to treat your scalp the way K-beauty routines treat your skin. Dry scalp stripped off its natural oils can be the main contributor towards hair fall. Thus, a healthy scalp will lead to healthy hair. The hair care routine begins with cleaning all the dirt from the scalp, massaging, balancing the pH level, conditioning, and moisturizing to get ahead of lustrous hair.

Here is a detailed look at the 10-Step Korean Hair Care Routine.

Scalp Scaler

The scalp is the main focus of Korean Hair Care routines. A healthy and exfoliated scalp will host healthy hair follicles and thus, healthy hair. Choose a scalp scaler that contains salicylic acid since it helps remove debris, any dead skin or oil buildup, and exfoliates the scalp. Use it once a week before shampooing your hair. Innisfree has a perfect scaler with mint green tea.

innisfree hair treatment


Follow the scalp treatment with your usual shampooing routine. Switch to a more natural shampoo to avoid the harmful effects of harsh chemicals present in shampoos. A shampoo that may hydrate your hair has an edge over the others. While shampooing, integrate scalp massage to have a cleaner scalp. LG is the perfect shampoo and it also comes with a specific treatment in case your hair needs it. 

Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is an integral part of Korean hair care. Massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes while showering using either your hands or even better a scalp brush for a better result.

scalp brush


Apply conditioner on your hair and let it sit for some time. Ensure that you do not get any conditioner on your scalp as the conditioner may dry out your scalp. Conditioners help detangle your hair and at the same time nourish it. Rinse it off entirely. Ryoe for me is perfection.


Deep Conditioning or Hair Mask

Hair masks or hair packs give a boost of nourishment to your hair. Most hair masks provide specific nutrition depending on the effect you wish to achieve. These masks make use of many ingredients, thereby, offering the perfect nurturing grounds for healthy hair. Hair packs are used once a week and you can swap it instead of your conditioner for the assigned day. Etude House’s Silk Scarf Hair Treatment does its job perfectly.

etude hair

Vinegar Rinse

It is important to maintain the acidic pH levels of the hair and the scalp. This is important to discourage the growth of bacteria. If you have a dry and itchy scalp, it points to the slightly alkaline nature of your scalp and it can have worrisome consequences like eczema or dandruff. You can use diluted apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair. It will reduce the itchiness in your scalp and seal hair cuticles. When available I use Holika Holika Hair Rinsing Vinegar; if it’s not available, I use classic vinegar.

Holika Hair

Scalp Mask

Natural oils can build up on the scalp causing it to itch. Scalp Masks soothe the irritation present on the scalp. It also seals in the moisture, keeping your hair hydrated and bouncy. Use it once a week for an itch-free scalp. Skinfood Peppermint Fresh Scalp Cooling Mask is great when it’s hot so is Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Scalp: both products can be easily used also in winter.

Innisfree Cond

Scalp Tonic

What a toner is to the skin, the scalp tonic is to the scalp. It revitalizes the scalp and improves the quality of your hair follicles. We recommend OGX: it’s not a Korean brand, but it’s perfect if you want to follow this K-beauty hair routine.

Scalp Essence or Serum

Quite like the Korean skincare routine, the application of essence is an essential step. The scalp being skin should also be introduced to the goodness of essence. Use a lightweight serum if you have an oily scalp. For a dry scalp, choose a leave in a formulation. My unmissable is Milbon Base Act Essence Beauty Essence For Scalp.

Hair Essence or Serum

As mentioned before, the hair and scalp have different pH values. Similarly, the hair and scalp also have different requirements. Hair serums help to transfer active nutrition to the hair and the essence hydrates the hair. Use the essence of the serum to seal in the goodness. These also protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun. Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Essence doesn’t leave oily hair and it’s perfect both in winter and in summer.

etude scalp

Extra Step: Hair Oil

This extra step is not Korean but it helps in maintaining a shiny and balanced scalp and hair. Oils like Argan oil or Almond oil are good for the hair. These form a protective sheath over the hair and keep your hair shiny and hydrated. If you have frizzy hair, this final step will definitely tame your mane. If you have an oily scalp and would wish to avoid oil completely, you can make use of a hair mist that pretty much does the same job. A common natural hair mist is rose water. The Maroccan Argan Oil is my must have!


Korean Tips to Take Care of Your Hair

  • Always apply a heat protectant spray to keep your hair safe from the heat damage;
  • Always brush your hair to restore their shine and redistribute the hair’s natural oils evenly;
  • Do not use 2-in-1 shampoos;
  • Once a week, finish off the entire hair care routine with an overnight treatment that will strengthen, condition, and deeply nourish your hair even while you sleep!

The 10-Step Koren Hair Care Routine may seem intimidating at first but once you are hooked, the results will encourage you further into sticking to this hair care routine.

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