Best Korean Moisturizers for Dry Skin for 2019

Best Korean moisturizers for dry skin: our top picks for 2019, carefully tested by our staff to help you in choosing.

Having a dry skin is a common problem, and sometimes we just think the problem will solve without extra help, just with time. In reality, dry skin can be considered a condition and this means we need to treat it like when we’re treating a much serious thing regarding to our body.

Keep reading to find out why do we have a dry skin, how to solve the problem, the best Korean moisturizers and also the K-Beauty 10-Step routine for dry skin.

Why do we have a dry skin?

There are multiple reasons why people have a dry skin. Some of them can be related to particular behaviours, others to the skin properties. These are some of the reasons why our skin can become dry:

Water is too hot

When we wash our face (and our body as well), we should always pay attention to the temperature of the water: if it’s too hot, all the essential oils and the barrier of the skin are put in danger and this means the skin gets irritated and dry.

Bad cleanser

When we use a cleanser that’s not suitable for our skin’s PH, we’re damaging our skin layer. In fact, our skin is slightly acidic and this acidity protects from external aggressions. If we use a too aggressive cleanser, the natural PH of the skin is altered, resulting in dry skin and on a long term also in other conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Not enough water and bad food choices

Our body is made mostly by water and when we don’t provide a good amount of hydration to the skin, we can end up with a dry skin. It’s not just water, it’s also the food we eat: to be sure our skin will not be dry, we need to add omega-3 and omega-6 rich foods such as salmon, seeds and so on.


When dry skin is a genetic thing, there’s not much to do. You can drink, eat good food, follow all the best instructions but your skin will always tend to be dry.

Is there a way to treat dry skin?

If you want to win your battle against dry skin, the first thing to do is to take care of your skin in the same way you take care of your mind: if you wash too much and with a too hot water, stop doing it. Make sure you drink enough water and liquids (not alcohol!) during the day, even if it’s extremely cold outside and always to choose products your skin can handle.

The importance of a good moisturizer

A moisturizer, as the name suggests, is a product that keeps your skin hydrated. It’s not linked to any beauty routine, but instead it’s something we should use all the time, no matter to which beauty philosophy we follow. Clearly, Korean Moisturizers are particularly good to treat dry skin, and the choice of products is almost infinite.

Best Korean Moisturizers for Dry Skin for 2019

We’ve tried a few Korean Moisturizers for Dry Skin so to give you the advice on the Best Korean Moisturizers for Dry Ski for 2019. Before moving to the list, let us warn you: what works for one, not necessarily works for everyone. This means you always have to consider your skin, what it looks like, what past experiences you have; also, do not forget to think about your budget and the results you wanna obtain, if on a long or a short period of time.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream

Dr. Jart is famous for its cream. It contains ceramides, a moisturizing protein that prevents water loss and restores the natural PH of the skin, if lost. It’s not cheap, but it’s very tick and one tube lasts for months. Buy on Amazon by clicking here.


Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion

The famous lotion by Cosrx contains 70% Birch sap which is famous for its hydrating properties. It’s perfect on dry skin but also on acne-prone skin. It doesn’t contain oil, and this makes this lotion light and non-greasy, perfect to be used daily before makeup. Buy on Amazon by clicking here.


Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

Directly from the soil of Jeju Island, South Korea, this Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream is the perfect moisturizer for dry skin and also damage skin. It’s full of antioxidants and it tightens skin, reduces wrinkles, and brightens the overall skin tone. Buy on Amazon by clicking here.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

EverGlam Ceramide Intensive Face Moisturizer

EverGlam Ceramide Intensive Face Moisturizer provides a long-lasting skin hydration without the feeling of greasiness. In fact, once applied, it forms a ceramide capsule barrier to help skin retain moisture. It also nourishes, rejuvenates & and contains an anti-wrinkle formula. EverGlam is also paraben and cruelty free. Buy on Amazon by clicking here. Buy on Amazon by clicking here.

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

Ideal for sensitive and dry skin, the Water Bank Gel Cream has a non-oily texture to keep the skin hydrated. A complex formula with zinc, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and manganese mixed with hydro ionized mineral water allows the skin to cool down and sooth.
Doesn’t contain parabens or phthalates. Buy on Amazon by clicking here.

Laneige Water Bank

Skin&Lab Red Cream

A whitening cream which means it helps the skin to maintain or restore moisture balance. It’s extracted from Damascan Rose and this means a light texture and a perfect effect on dry skin. Buy on Amazon by clicking here.

Skin & Lab Red Cream


belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

A moisturizing cream that provides dry, flaky, and dull skin with a flood of intense 26-hour hydration, leaving it supple, smooth, and deeply nourished. The formula contains including comfrey leaf, a powerful hydrating agent. Without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Buy on Amazon by clicking here.


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K-Beauty 10-Step Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

The Korean Beauty Skincare Routine is perfect for people with a dry skin. In fact, if well done, it can help the skin to find its hydration and also to get a clear and dewy skin. Here’s the 10-Step K-Beauty Routine for Dry Skin:

Oil-based cleanser

This step, the first, helps in soften the makeup and prepares the skin for the whole process. The oil is massaged and then washed away with lukewarm water.

Water-based Cleanser

The second step helps in removing any residue on your face. The cleanser is massaged and then washed away with lukewarm water.


The third step should be done maximum 3 times a week so to remove all the dead skin cells. Washing aways the exfoliant with lukewarm water is needed.


A good toner helps your skin to find the perfect PH level. Once applied, has to be dab and not removed with water.


The essence is one of the most important step of the K-Beauty routine. In fact, it helps in hydrating the skin and eventually repairing it. It must be applied and then dab.

Concentrated essence

A deeper treatment for particular concerns related to dry skin such as acne, sunspots or anything else. You can use serums or ampoules.

Sheet Masks

Not to be used every day, the sheet masks are perfect to hydrate your skin and make sure your skin gets the nutrients needed.

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Eye cream

A good eye cream is needed and has to be applied after the above steps to make sure the area of skin around the eyes don’t age and don’t get dry.


The most important step of the K-Beauty Routine for people with a dry skin: a good moisturizer plumps the skin and smoothes out or prevents fine lines.


In the morning, applying a sunscreen is necessary, even if there’s no sun and/or you’ll be inside for most of the time.


Do we have to take care of our dry skin? Yes definitely. We need to take care of our skin both from the inside and the outside, and choosing a good beauty routine and appropriate products is the only way to make it happens. With a bit of practice, some mistakes and quite a lot of effort, your skin will glow and and you’ll surely see the effects of good products on your face!

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