MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick for Perfect Korean Blurred Lips

The phenomenon called “blurred lips” is becoming more than just a trend: it’s a way of wearing make up without feeling too constraint. This particular lipstick styling can in fact be also called the anti-liner lip look because the lips are not defined and sculpted and the lipstick is wore without paying too much attention to the curve of the lips.

A blurred lip calls is achievable when you apply nothing more than a layer of matte lipstick with perfectly imperfect edges, without coating perfectly your lips. You can achieve this result in different ways: layering and blottering are the most famous. Then, there’s the Korean way.

Korean women know how to use lipsticks that create a delicate look that make them look fresh-faced and natural. It can be the gradient lip concept or, more simply, the products used are designed to provide with a fresh and natural look.

If you’re looking for a K-Beauty style lipstick but you don’t want to buy online and wait, you’ve now the possibility to go to your local department store and buy a fairly new kind of lipstick: it’s the Powder Kiss Lipstick by MAC, officially never associated with K-Beauty standards but, in reality, extremely similar and, most of all, available everywhere in the World.

The Powder Kiss Lipstick delivers a romantic blur of soft-focus colour: this means your lips will look quite natural and, even when coated with a finish of matte, they will feel light, in the same way a balm makes them feel.

The 16 shades have been created with a goal in mind: replicate the effect professional make up artists can achieve to create a blurred lip effect, the same look you can get by using Korean lipsticks and working on your “gradient” skills.

The best thing about this lipstick is that you don’t have to do absolutely anything: apply the lipstick on dry lips and that’s it, you’ll have a blurry coat of color that will make your undone lips extremely natural (and sexy).

The MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick is available in 16 shades, from nude to purple.

The pigment level is between medium and full, depending on color and application: the more times you apply it on your lips, the more visible it becomes. Do you think is this natural? Well, it’s definitely not: if you take the MAC Matte Lipsticks, you’ll easily notice how pigmented they are, even if you apply your lipstick just once.

The fact that it’s less pigmented than the MAC Matte lipsticks, means it fades after a meal or a cup of coffee but in all honesty, this is not a big deal.

Once you’ve applied it, your lips look slightly bigger and the overall look is extremely natural, the “I don’t care too much” look every K-Beauty addict love.

The Powder Kiss Lipstick is adaptable and that’s what we do love about it: you can go for the strongest color and still have a natural result, the one you may obtain for example by using a 3CE Matte Lipstick.

These are the 16 shades available at the moment, plus a small description:

  • Best of Me: pale milky beige, almost white
  • Influentially: pale nude beige, extremely nude
  • Impulsive: medium warm brown
  • Sweet No Sugar: light warm pink
  • My Tweedy: peachy pink blush nude
  • Scattered Petals: medium pink
  • Sultriness: cool toned pink
  • Mull It Over: peach pink-brown
  • Devoted to Chili: brick red brown
  • Mandarin O: bright orange
  • A Little Tamed: pink rose
  • Lasting Passion: bright red with blue pink tones
  • Style Shocked: coral orange
  • Fall In Love: hot pink
  • Shocking Revelation: hot pink red
  • Burning Love: plum.

This is how the different shades of the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick look like:

For us the Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick are a solid win but if you want you can achieve blurred lips with any lipstick you own!

In fact, you don’t necessary need to buy the Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick: just put on your chosen lipstick, then tap your ring finger along the edges to loosen and buff them. If you want a more sophisticated effect without looking staged, you can mix take a different shade, apply on the middle of the bottom lip and blend to the other with your finger.

The best Korean lipsticks to get blurred lips

3 CONCEPT EYES – Mood Recipe

For us, this is the perfect lipstick. It has a buildable texture so you only need one swipe to get the desired effect. Brilliant and Mirror Like are a must-have.

3 CONCEPT EYES palette

BBIA Velvet Matte Last Lipstick

The Velvet Matte lipsticks have a smooth, creamy glide and when they dry down, they have a soft satin finish. Sensitive is the must-have.

BBIA Velvet Matte Last Lipstick

Romand Zero Gram Matte

A comfortable matte finish that won’t flake and will look extremely natural. Dusty Pink and Awesome are a must-have.

Romand Zero Gram Matte

Peripera Ink The Velvet

A non-drying light matte lipstick that comes with a doe foot applicator. Pure Peach, Pretty Coral and Charming Coral are a must-have.

Peripera Ink The Velvet Swatch

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