Korean Lipstick Brands to Try at least Once

Lipstick can really save a day, even a bad one; together with a good primer, sometimes it’s all we need. Wearing lipstick make us women feel better, confident and somehow happy. Adding the perfect lipstick to your beauty collection can be hard and finding the perfect lip color and consistency can really be stressful. Once again, K-beauty saves us and that’s why in this article we will explain to you some of the secrets for choosing a Korean lipstick and what brand you should try at least once in your life.

Korean Lipstick: how to choose the best?

If you’re into Korean beauty already, you know how important it is to keep your look simple and how the make up is very often invisible. This concept applies to lips as well and this means the majority of the Korean lipstick are so different from Western ones you really need to apply your best judgement when choosing.

These are the things you may consider in buying a Korean lipstick:


Korean lipstick can have the exact same finish of the Western colleagues: matte, wet, shine, gloss, sparkle. So before buying one, you clearly have to define what’s your style and what’s the look you wanna achieve.


As a general rule, when it comes to lipstick coverage means how long does it take to get the perfect look. If you’re a fan of the gradient lips, you know that sometimes in K-Beauty less is more but less is achieved by doing kind of a big effort. Generally speaking, you need to understand how smooth the lipstick is and how long it may take to get the look you wanna achieve, even in those cases when you don’t want to spend a lot of time applying it.


A lipstick should always moisturises your lips while you wear it. There’s nothing worse than wearing what we think it is the perfect lipstick, in the perfect shade and end up having dry lips and not feeling comfortable at all. Matte lipsticks are usually the worst ’cause they harden onto your lips in order to stay there.

What about the packaging?

Well, we all know how important is packaging in K-Beauty but we recommend not to take this element into consideration when buying a lipstick because you really need to step up your game and think more. Cuteness is always great, but it’s not if the product is not really what you’re looking for.

How to choose the best Korean lipstick that suits you?

After you’ve considered the above things, it’s time to move to the next phase: choosing the best Korean lipstick that suits you. This implies a few things to consider, in order to make the right call.

Determine your skintone

There are 5 main types of skin complexion: fair, light, medium, tan, and deep. Every single skin complexion goes well with a few shades:

  • Fair and Light Skin: pink, coral, peach, nude, and dusty red colors. Ehi, that’s exactly what Korean and Japanese women wear!
  • Medium Skin: rose, berry, cherry red, and mauve colors. Medium skin complexions can be bold and wear amazing colors on their lips.
  • Tan Skin: everything in the pink and red spectrum is perfect for tan skin.
  • Deep Skin: plum, caramel, wine, and blue-based reds are the perfect colors for deep skin.

Determine your skin undertone

The undertone is the natural colors underneath the surface of our skin and it’s an important key to choosing the best color palettes. There are three traditional undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

  • Warm: the base tone of your skin is yellow or gold;
  • Cool: hints of blue, pink or red, are present;
  • Neutral: your skin is a mixture of both warm and cool hues.

If you’re wondering how to determine your skin undertone, we recommend you read this article where you will find the answers to all your questions.

Check the shape of your lips

Lip shape is a huge thing: usually, us women are never satisfied with our lip shape and this results, sometimes, in very poor choices. But if you start looking at the shape of your lips to find the perfect lipstick, your choice will 100% reward you.

These are some of the lip shapes with some advice on the kind of lipstick one should look after.

  • Top heavy lips: lipstick on the bottom and any type of lipstick in slightly darker shade on the upper lip.
  • Bottom heavy lips: any color that goes with your undertone plus a bit of nude in the center of the upper lip to create the illusion of a bigger top lip.
  • Asymmetrical lips: every single tone that suits your undertone, plus a lip pencil to outline the lips.
  • Thin lips: glosses and creamy and lipstick should be your first choice.

Hair and eyes color

If you want to go even more in depth, you can check the color of your eyes and your hair when looking for the perfect lipstick. Matching these 2 colors with your skin tone, your underskin tone and the shape of your lips will allow you to choose for the best.

Korean Lip Tints

Lip tints are one of the most overwhelming inventions in the beauty industry. We cannot say for sure they originated from South Korea, but they’ve surely been improved in SK and they’ve been adopted by Asian women in a way that made them viral.

They’re light, comfortable and long-lasting but, most of all, their consistency allow to create gradient lips working on the amount of coverage you wanna reach. They come in matte or glossy finishes and they’re so easy to apply that it’s not hard to fall in love with them (here at AsianBeautyCorner we are big fan!).

There are different types of Korean lip tints, here the most popular:

Water lip tints

The best choice for people looking for a natural look and a non invasive lipstick; they can be not that moisturizing but if you apply a lip balm beforehand, they’re simply amazing.

peripera Water Tint

The Peripera Water Lip Tint is probably the most loved in the water lip tints area.

Creamy lip tints

Korean creamy lip tints deliver various grades of color and they are available in different textures: they’re long lasting and the texture is great if you’re looking for a good color palette. Some of them are not that moisturizing but using the right lip balm beforehand can save the situation.

3CE Lip Tint

One of the most loved creamy lips tint is 3CE Velvet Lip Tint; the packaging is similar to the glosses but the creamy texture, easy to apply, gives your lips an incredibly smooth matte look. Speaking of colors, 3CE offers different ones but the top of the line are, for sure the nude ones: they are perfect both on thin and plump lips and they give you a long lasting natural look, without compromising the hydrating part.

Oil lip tints

The latest addiction in the lip tints area, oil lip tints are extremely moisturizing, offer a glossy finish and, when the glossy effect vanishes, the stain remains and the lips stay colored for quite a while. To be honest, they can be hard to use because they’re really oily but if you choose a good product, the result is amazing.

Missha Wish Stone Water Gel

The MISSHA – Wish Stone Tint Oil is one of the most famous oil lip tints.

If you’re still with us, it means you really want to have an overview of the best Korean lipstick to buy so here we are.

Korean Lipstick to Buy at least Once

Dear My Blooming Lips

Etude House – Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Chiffon


3 Concept Eyes – Mood Recipe (various colors)


CLIO – Rouge Heel Velvet (various colors)

Peripera - Ink Airy Velvet Stick

Peripera – Ink Airy Velvet Stick (various colors)

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