Etude House Fixing Tint Review 2023

When a beauty product goes viral, you can often expect some disappointment: people have different skins and products always look different from what they are. On top of this, we need to consider that virality is not necessarily linked to how good a product is. This is definitely not the case for Etude House Fixing Tint, a long-wear lip tint designed to be worn under a mask with the promise of never-fading out. The Tints sold out very quickly when launched and are now a staple for anyone looking for the perfect look and a lipstick that doesn’t feel heavy or unnatural. In this Etude House Fixing Tint review, you will find all the information you need for a conscious shop: colours, texture, price, shades and finish. You will also have a chance to buy the Tints you like the most by choosing one of the shops we’ve selected and where the product is sold at the best price and/or the best selling conditions.

If you don’t have time to read the whole review, here’s a summary:
If you’re looking for a long-wear Korean lipstick that feels comfortable on the lips, doesn’t dry them out, and it’s buildable, Etude House Fixing Tint is the one to choose. The colour range is incredible, and once you’ve started with one, you’ll feel the need to buy more colours. Probably the best Korean lip tint on the market, perfect for younger and older women.

Etude House Fixing Tint

Etude House Fixing Tint: The Texture

The tint applies to the lips smoothly and has a hydrating, creamy texture which you can smudge or move around quickly. After a few seconds, the tint starts drying up and becomes matte. As explained by Etude, the Fixing Tint has a hydro-matte texture, so it doesn’t dry the lips and has a very lightweight and a bit greasy texture.

Etude House Fixing Tint: The Finish

Once you’ve applied it, there’s enough time to make sure it feels comfortable and gives you the colour you’re looking for. Once it sets, it stays for a long time without leaving any mark. One of the secrets to ensuring it doesn’t smudge is to press the lips on a tissue a couple of times before eventually reapplying the product to get the best colours.

Etude House Fixing Tint: Resistance and Longevity

The Fixing Tint will stay for hours and hours unless you eat oily foods. In that case, you can reapply it. To give you an idea of how resistant this lip tint is, think that you cannot remove it with a regular make-up remover, and you need an oily remover to make sure it goes away, especially when it comes to the darker shades.

Etude House Fixing Tint swatch

Etude House Fixing Tint: Packaging and Applicator

The tube is perfect for this kind of product and is easy to carry in a small handbag. The applicator is angled and tapered at the tip to facilitate the product’s application. It tends to pick up too much product, so it’s necessary to take some off before you apply it.

Etude House Fixing Tint: Shades

Etude House Fixing Tint comes in multiple shades to serve different users. It all started with warm shades, but more and more shades have been added, covering different types of skins and needs.

These are all the shades currently available:

  • 1 Analog Rose
  • 2 Vintage Red
  • 3 Mellow Peach
  • 4 Ginger Milk Tea
  • 5 Midnight Mauve
  • 6 Soft Walnut
  • 7 Cranberry Plum
  • 8 Dusty Beige
  • 9 Smoky Cherry
  • 10 Rose Blending
  • 11 Salmon Brick

That said, there are no bold shades in the range: all the colours are pretty subtle but can be built to get a more robust result. Etude House Fixing Tint is not the lipstick to choose if you’re looking for a red shade. The strongest colour is Cranberry Plum, which will have a reddish effect on pale skin. Conversely, Ginger Milk Tea and Midnight Mauve are perfect if you’re looking for an all-natural effect, and Mellow Peach is the right shade for people who want to add a bit of colour without going crazy.

Etude House Fixing Tint: Mix and Match

Mixing and matching shades is one of the most exciting things you can do with the Etude House Fixing Tint. Many of the colours are complementary, or they work perfectly together to create the best lips ever and combining two shades is the perfect way to get the perfect colour. For example, I mix Ginger Milk Tea and Cranberry Plum to get a subtle pinkish look or Ginger Milk Tea and Midnight Mauve to get an extremely natural and almost invisible result.

House Fixing Tint Etude

Etude House Fixing Tint: Verdict

The Etude House Fixing Tint is a winner for me. It’s long-lasting and lightweight on the lips, meaning you can quickly wear it all day long without discomfort. It has a semi-matte finish that is perfect for everyday use, and so are the shades. This lip tint is not cheap, but the price is well worth it, and you won’t regret buying and using it.

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