Best Korean Cushion Compacts to buy in 2020

Korea is slowly turning out to be the epicenter of all the latest makeup trends and we bet you already know since you’re visiting our website and you’ve probably already visited others. After the massive success of BB creams, Cushion Compacts are back in fashion thanks to K-beauty. So what are these cushion compacts, anyway? Let’s find out all about them.

What are Cushion Compacts?

They are the best of both worlds: they offer skincare along with light makeup. Cushion compacts or Cushion foundation is basically the liquid formula stored in the compact containers. A porous sponge, called the cushion, soaks up the liquid formula and the compact case comes with another sponge applicator that you can use for quick touch-ups. Simply put: it is a more convenient way to carry foundation or BB and CC creams.

How Does One Use It?

The USP of the Cushion Compact is the fact that it is mess-free, less fussy, easy to carry and store, and more importantly, easy to use. All you need to do is press the sponge applicator on the cushion and blend the cream on your face.

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How are They Any Better?

Cushion compacts have the advantage of being easily portable as compared to the heavy, breakable bottles of creams. You can easily carry one in your bag even while you are traveling and you can use it wherever you wish! Also, most cushion foundations contain skincare properties and have the ability to hydrate the skin or offer skin protection from the damaging rays of the sun. Most cushion foundations contain SPF 15-30 and some go as high as SPF 50! Also, depending on the brand of cushion that you buy, you can enjoy a host of other skincare benefits, like anti-aging, oil control, pore size reduction, skin tightening, and more.
Furthermore, the cushion makes the liquid foundation formula lighter. Not just that, the sponge applicator also wicks off just enough foundation that will help you achieve sheer, light coverage similar to airbrushing. This makes the makeup appear natural. With cushion foundation, you can say goodbye to caking.

Should You Get Rid of Your Regular Foundation?

Even though cushion compacts are known as cushion foundations, it does not mean that it is a replacement for your regular foundation. You can use the product when you wish to have a natural bare-faced look and do not intend to apply heavy makeup. Just a few dabs of cushion foundation can give your naturally healthy looking skin a luminous glow. But if you are troubled by skin blemishes, using other products like a concealer and powder may be wise. In fact, it is advisable to finish off your makeup with a light layer of loose powder even if you have used a cushion foundation.

What Should You Keep in Mind?

Choosing the correct shade of foundation is essential to pull off a perfect look. Select a foundation that complements the undertone of your skin. You can apply the cushion foundation multiple times a day if you have dry skin. The liquid formula will hydrate your skin and make it look dewy. However, if you have oily skin, then you can avoid it. Apply a light layer of primer or moisturizer on your face before applying the foundation. This technique will allow a flawlessly dewy appearance. For building a larger coverage, you can simply layer the cushion foundation. Use proper blending techniques to avoid caking. Dab your sponge applicator on the cushion instead of swiping off the foundation. Furthermore, use the same dabbing technique while applying the foundation to your face. Dragging the applicator across your face will give a peculiar texture on your skin.

The convenience offered by cushion compacts comes at a price.

The applicator sponge, which comes directly in contact with your skin and the foundation, can act as a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. Thus, you should make sure to wash it at least once a week. Even though some brands offer anti-bacterial applicators, it is a good practice to wash it thoroughly.

Some of the most loved cushion compacts from South Korea:

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