Primark Kpop Beauty: the Korean-Beauty Inspired Range for K-Beauty Lovers

If you know Primark, you already know it’s famous for affordable clothes and accessories, and for an interesting offer when it comes to beauty. Primark has launched a new beauty range, simply called KPop, which includes a lot of cool products from South Korea.

The KPop collection by Primark includes basic products, but also more advanced ones: all of them come from South Korea and prices start at 3.50 € (3 $, more or less) for the makeup, a little less for the skin products.

kpop primark

A range of Korean sheet masks is available on Primark worldwide and it includes at least a snail mask, an aloe one, a Hyaluronic Acid one: prices start at 1.50 € and the quality is high.

The Bubble Sheet Face Mask is just perfect for greasy skin: it can be easily applied, doesn’t fall off and it gives you a perfect face complexion after the use.

Korean sheet mask Primark

A range of other products is available in terms of skincare: Eye Patches, a Bathe In Beauty Kit with three different products, Blemish Patches to clear the skin, and so on.

As you can notice, the package is also Korean-inspired and it focuses on cuteness at its best.

Korean sheet mask Primark

Korean sheet mask Primark

Korean sheet mask Primark

Let’s move onto the Korean makeup available at Primark.

The must-have seems to be the Cloud Cream, with a matte finish that allows you to use it on your face to contour and color, but also on your lips to create a smooth surface. Available in two colors, Sunset (coral) and Dreamy (pink) [Apparently available only in Ireland].

Cloud Cream Primark

The KPop Pillow Talk Liquid Lipstick is what you expect from a Korean lipstick: infused with Vitamin E, the lipstick is similar to the one from Peripera, but of course, it lasts a bit less and it can be used to give a touch of light to the lips.

The new range also includes pastel eyeliners and cherry-scented palette. The 12-piece lineup also includes Jelly Prime Time, a jelly primer packed with B3 and Hyaluronic Acid,, and Beamin highlighter, a shimmer powder.

Kpop Primark

Kpop Primark


Primark Kpop Beauty: Verdict

Overall, the Primark Kpop Beauty Collection has pretty much everything you need if you’re a K-Beauty addict. The make-up range is not very pigmented but it’s perfect if you wanna keep your skin light and smooth. Despite the colors, we think the range is best for winter. Money-wise, it’s a win for people outside of South Korea and Japan, where finding K-Beauty products can be a nightmare and it’s usually very expensive. So, last but not least, we think the collection can be a good way to start with K-Beauty but can also be a good add-on to your beauty routine, alternating between Primark’s products and usual K-beauty stuff.

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