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If you’re thinking of buying your Korean skincare and beauty products on the Olive Young Global website, you’re in the right place: in this Olive Young Global Review, you’ll find all the information you may need if you want to buy your products directly from the Korean website, with pros and cons to help you choose for the best.

In this Olive Youg Global review, I’ve analyzed a few elements that can make or break a website: prices, selection, deliveries are the three more important items I’ve checked for you.

So sit back and enjoy this impartial and comprehensive Olive Young Review 2023.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a brief summary:

  • Olive Young Global’s catalog is not that extensive as other stores, YesStyle first;
  • Olive Young Global’s prices can be quite high, especially if compared to Amazon;
  • Olive Young Global doesn’t ship everywhere;
  • The return policy of Olive Young Global is quite strict.

What is Olive Young?

Olive Young is a very well-known Korean chain, distributed all across the country and selling products from the most famous Korean brands; the Global website has been opened for quite a while now, and it’s soon become one of the most loved places where to buy K-beauty products.

What does Olive Young Global sell?

Olive Young Global sells Korean beauty products from some of the biggest Korean brands. Skincare, makeup, and hair treatment are available on the global website, even if the selection is limited compared to the domestic website and the physical stores.

How many products are available on the Olive Young Global website?

It is impossible to estimate the exact number of products sold on the OY website globally, especially because it is updated frequently and new items are added regularly.

The depth of information available on each brand and product depends on the brand and the product itself; for many items, there is not as much information as expected because they haven’t been translated into English. But the good news is that the reviews are, in this specific case, essential and helpful in helping and speeding up the buying process.

Is it easy to buy from the Olive Young Global website?

The buying experience is quite good, and you can immediately check what the discounted products are and the offers of the week/day/month.

You can add products in the shopping bag directly from the product’s page or, if you’re logged in, you can put in the wish list to make sure you won’t lose track of it.

Do you need to be registered to shop at Olive Young Global?

No, being registered to buy is not mandatory. Guests cannot receive reward points for their purchases at any time, while registered users can earn 1.5%~2.5% of their purchase amount in reward points based on their membership level that changes according to how many purchases they make.

What is the delivery policy of Olive Young Global?

The international Olive Young website doesn’t deliver to European countries because of the GDPR policy in place; access to the website is still possible, but European customers cannot register, sign in, place orders, or make transactions. This, alone, makes this online store way less accessible than others.

Olive Young Global ships to all EMS and K-Packet destinations; shipping fees differ from the country, and free shipping is applied once the final purchase amount exceeds $60.

What’s the return policy?

The return policy of Olive Young Global is quite strict. The website doesn’t offer a refund in these cases:

  • Packages delivered to incorrect addresses
  • Packages unclaimed by addressees
  • Unsuccessful delivery due to absence of addressees
  • Change of mind
  • Any item reported after 7 days from the date of receipt
  • Any item that shows any signs of usage
  • Any item that has been damaged intentionally
  • Any item returned without any previous notice or despite the return request denied by our customer service.

You also have to pay for your return shipping fee unless the items you received are damaged or wrong.

What are the best selling Olive Young beauty products to buy?

A few items sold by Olive Young Global are definitely worth it. One for all, the rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint has the shade of a gloss and the long-wearing power of a lip stain.

The whole Colorgram line is also worth it. Olive Young’s proprietary beauty line includes a few products that cannot be missed, especially for young women: the Rosy Tone Up Cream and the Artist Formula Cream Liner. Bear in mind: Etude House’s available Products can easily substitute everything in this beauty line on multiple platforms such as YesStyle and Etude’s website.

Isoi’s serum is another must-have sold by Olive Young Global, and so is DR.JART+ Dermakeup Fixison Foundation.

Finally, the LUNA Long Lasting Tip Concealer with coverage and texture similar to the one from NARS.

Are there promotions available on Olive Young Global?

The website usually has promotions and special offers available. The chain also runs an evergreen promotion for the newcomer: 15% off and a gift over a certain purchase amount.

Is it worth buying from Olive Young Global?

If you’re used to online stores where you can buy many K-beauty products, then Olive Young is not the right place. The global selection isn’t nearly as big as their domestic site, and for many items, prices are quite high compared to other websites such as YesStyle or even Amazon.

Also, the website doesn’t ship to Europe, and this is a big deterrent if we compare other similar websites that ship to Europe without any problem.

The good thing is that when discounts are on, some of the most famous products and brands can be bought for a good price. Also, it’s worth noticing that it is possible to find brands not easy to find anywhere else on the Young Olive Global website, for example, Illiyoon and RoundLab.

Do you recommend buying from Olive Young Global?

If I have to choose, Olive Young Global is not where I would buy my K-beauty products. Instead, I would stick to YesStyle for two main reasons: the extended selection and the delivery. These two elements make up for the prices, and overall make this my preferred location to shop all things Korean.

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