The difference between a night cream and a sleeping mask

If you’re wondering what the difference between a sleeping mask and a night cream is, keep reading because we’ve unpacked the differences between these two types of products to help you build the perfect skincare regimen.

In a nutshell, this is the most significant difference between sleeping masks and night creams:

What is a night cream?

A night cream is considered a staple for every beauty routine, something almost unmissable in our beauty pocket. If you follow a K-Beauty routine, a night cream is the final or penultimate step of your nighttime regimen. We can briefly describe a night cream as an intensely hydrating moisturizer.

Traditionally, a night cream has always been heavy and very oily; thanks to K-beauty, we now have various types of night creams to be chosen based on every person’s skin. The classic ones with a creamy texture, the ones with no acids, and also the water-based ones, for people with oily skin.

A night cream can and has to be used every day; it doesn’t need to be rinsed off in the morning.

What is a sleeping mask?

A sleeping mask is a skincare product created to be left on overnight. Masks, or sleeping packs, are more powerful and can be considered a “therapy” to help to restore the skin’s ph and balance. The final goal of every good sleeping mask is to improve the skin’s complexion by boosting its hydration drastically.

Can I use a sleeping mask every night?

On a general note, sleeping masks can be used twice a week because overusing them can cause a loss of efficacy.

Sleeping masks are formulated not to be goopy, so what you have to do is applying a generous layer of the product over your face and go to sleep: in the morning, you will rinse your face and keep going with your beauty routine.

The difference between a night cream and sleeping mask

We can summarise the difference between a night cream and a sleeping mask in just a few words:

  • Night creams are daily treatments
  • Sleeping masks are SOS treatments.

You can also use these two products together, always remembering that the night cream should go on first before the sleeping mask.

In both cases, remember always to choose the products that are most suitable for you according to your skin type.

In a nutshell: is it worth investing in a night cream or a sleeping mask?

To reiterate: these two products are different and work on a different level.

They may seem similar and interchangeable, but they’re not. You should invest in a good night cream (where “good” doesn’t necessarily mean expensive) and on a good sleeping mask. These two products can work together, but you’ll be using the moisturizer daily and the mask just once-twice a week.

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