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Japanese skincare products can be tricky to be found: if you’re not in Japan, or you’re not planning to go, your only choice is the Internet, where you can really find every product you’re looking for.

The downside of this? Prices! No matter where you are, it’s extremely rare to find an online store where to buy Japanese skincare products and where you can also pay a fair amount. In this article, we wanna give you some advice on things to consider when buying Japanese beauty products online and also some tips on where to buy Japanese skincare products, without breaking your bank.

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There are a few things you should always consider when you’re in the process of buying Japanese products online.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are usually very high if you buy from official stores and if you buy genuine products. This means you need to evaluate carefully if the shipping costs are proportionated to the stuff you’re buying and also understand if buying more products will be more cost-effective, considering the shipping costs.


It’s not a mystery that custom can be a real pain when buying stuff online. Custom changes from country to country and also in relation to the goods, so it can be pretty hard to know how much you’re going to pay for your shipment. It’s a good choice to check with the courier you’re supposed to use and ask directly how much is the custom to avoid surprises.

Products’ availability

Based on the website you’re going to buy, the availability of products can differ. You should always avoid buying from different shops otherwise your shipping costs will be crazy, and instead focus on buying from one, the better for your needs.

Overall prices

Prices of Japanese goods can vary from site to site, so you can end up paying too much for something that should cost way less. In reality, sometimes you can’t consider only the price of the item but also the shipment: certain sites charge very little for delivery but the products are a bit more expensive, others sell products at a lower price but the delivery is very high. Spend some time researching and checking options to find the best one for you!

Where to buy Japanese skincare products online

These are some of the outlets we recommend to check for buying Japanese skincare products online. Of course, based on your location some may be better than others but we are sure this list includes some of the best online shops for Japanese skin lovers.


YesStyle is well known for its selection of Korean products but the Japanese products sold here are many and, most of all, only the best from the best brands. The prices are a bit higher compared with other online shops but they sell so many things that the higher price is always justified by the cheap delivery shippings and the fact that they reimburse clients for the custom. Shop at YesStyle.


Amazon is full of Japanese products. They are sold on the Local Pages but also via Amazon Jp, which delivers everywhere in the World. Amazon is reliable and the products are always genuine. And even if sometimes prices are a bit crazy, we think Amazon is such a reliable site that we take the risk. Shop at Amazon.


Imagine buying Japanese products online at the same price that is in Japan, with affordable shipping costs: this is Dokodemo, an online marketplace where to find the best Japanese skincare products at the best prices ever. The website collects offers from different sellers so you basically order your things from someone and this someone will send everything to Dokodemo, which will be in charge of delivering everything to you. The website can be a bit overwhelming but once you’ve started to use it, it will be easy and quick. Shop at Dokodemo.


Ichibankao offers a limited selection of Japanese products at affordable prices. Prices are in Japanese Yen (JPY) and it’s possible to pay using Paypal. Shop at Ichibankao.

Rakuten Global Market

It works like Dokodemo: different sellers on the platform, and once the user has chosen the products, Rakuten deliveries. Prices are good, sometimes it takes a lot of time to receive orders and it’s a good practice to verify if the products are original or not. Shop at Rakuten.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

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