Top 11 Best Japanese Sheet Masks in 2023

If you are tired of your dull, dry skin and wish to give it an instant hydration boost, then Sheet Masks are your friends. Sheet masks have been a South Korean invention but Japan has spared no effort to capitalize on the sheet mask addiction. Japan offers an array of sheet masks having various qualities and effectiveness. Japanese women have used sheet mask long enough to make it a usual of most beauty routines.

So before we delve into the best Japanese Sheet Masks to have glowing skin, let’s first go through a few factors that we have considered:

  • Number of Sheets: Unlike their Korean counterparts, Japanese Sheet Masks are sold in bulk. Thus, making them cost-effective and worth every buck spent.
  • Variety: Certain brands may be producing a greater variety of different flavored sheet masks than others. Thus, knowing all the possible options before-hand makes decision making easier and quicker.
  • Skin Type: It is important to choose a sheet mask that is compatible with your skin type. Find out your skin type and whether the sheet mask will suit you.
  • Effect: It’s important to identify the end result that you wish to achieve and select a mask that will help you get there. Whether it is simply hydrating your skin or having anti-aging effects, choose your mask accordingly.

Best Japanese Sheet Masks for All-Skin Types

The following are the best Japanese sheet masks for your face. You can decide whether to try all of them or just pick one or a few. We’ve tried and tested an infinite number of face masks from Japan but we don’t want to go overboard. That’s why we’ve chosen just the following 11, the top Japanese sheet masks you can buy.

1. Lululun Precious Green Face Mask

Lululun Precious Green Face Mask

Ideally, sheet masks are to be used twice in a week but LuLuLun makes an exception with their daily sheet masks. These are available in almost all konbini all over Japan and enjoy quite some popularity and for good reason too. These best-selling sheet masks moisturize the skin, boost skin’s elasticity, and add a dewy facial glow. Skincare enthusiasts swear by the Pink variant that is for regular balanced moisturizing. Other formulations include the blue ones for deep moisturizing, red for anti-aging and dry skin, gold for anti-aging and white ones for acne clearing, and skin brightening.

2. Hadabisei Ultra-Penetration 3D Face Mask

Hadabisei Ultra-Penetration 3D Face Mask

If you have a super dry skin, then allow Hadabisei Ultra-Penetration 3D Face Mask to take care of you. It will pamper your skin and replenish it with moisture in a matter of just 20 minutes! A packet contains 4 sheet masks and they are all generously smothered in moisturizing agents like hyaluronic acid, royal lemon extract, and royal jelly. The waffle sheets make the mask more absorbent, allowing it to pass on its goodness and moisture directly to the skin.

3. Minon Amino Moist Purupuru Moist Skin Mask

Minon Amino Moist Purupuru Moist Skin Mask

The Minion Amino Moist Purupuru Moist Skin Mask is highly rated in the beauty industry and has won a number of awards and accolades. Minon is ideal for those suffering from sensitive skin. Even the general texture of the sheet mask is silky soft and smooth. It is coated with a thick gel responsible for hydrating your skin. Those who don’t have to be wary of allergies can mindlessly pick this off the shelves of any Japanese drugstore. The gentle action on the skin will not impede the efficacy of the sheet mask.

4. Kose – Clear Turn White Vitamin C Facial Mask

Kose – Clear Turn White Vitamin C Facial Mask

Suitable for all skin types, if you are looking for sheet masks to brighten and whiten your skin tone, then you should give Kose sheet masks a try. Kose is yet another popular band of sheet masks in Japan. Vitamin C is the key component that brightens up your skin. If you make continual use of these sheet masks, you will notice a visible skin whitening action too, thanks to the 8 different amino acids. The mask is nowhere near as slimy and is in fact, easy to apply, so if you have oily skin, go for it!

5. Saborino Morning Face Mask

Saborino Morning Face Mask

You can purchase Saborino Morning Face Mask if you are looking for a quick fix for your dry skin issues. It is suited for a morning skincare routine and takes a mere 60 seconds to take effect. You don’t even have to wash or cleanse your face before making use of it. Saborino Morning Face Mask will come to your rescue if you live a busy life. Your need for a facial cleanser, primer, and moisturizer will drastically reduce just by the daily use of this sheet mask.

6. KOSE Clear Turn Essence Vitamin C Facial Mask

KOSE Clear Turn Essence Vitamin C Facial Mask

These KOSE Facial Masks are some of the most known and used in Japan: they come in a practical package and are easy to use. Lay the mask over your face, apply slight pressure to the mask around eyes and mouth, then gently push all the air out from mask and face. Leave the mask for 5-15 minutes, then remove and discard it. Remove or massage residue into the skin. Follow with normal special care routine, lotion, and makeup. Use 2-3 times a week, or daily in place of a toner.

7. Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask

Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask

Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask acts against dry porous skin. It’s a thick mask sheet with plenty of beauty essence and will Give a soft texture so that the skin will become moist and clean. Use it on your skin after cleansing making sure the mask is well distributed. Leave it for 5 minutes and gently peel off; gently massage the remaining beauty essence into the skin with hands.

8. SK-II Facial Treatment Face Mask

SK-II Facial Treatment Face Mask

SK-II is one of the most famous Japanese brands and these Facial Treatment Face Masks provide treatment to dry skin, restoring moisture. Each cotton face mask is soaked with PITERA™ for maximum delivery to the skin. Place the sheet mask over the eye area; gently spread it over the rest of your face and leave on for 5-15 minutes. Remove and discard sheet mask, then massage the remaining essence into your skin without rinsing off.

9. HADA LABO Koi-Gokujyun 3D Perfect Mask

HADA LABO Koi-Gokujyun 3D Perfect Mask

Hada Labo has created these face masks blending 4 types of hyaluronic acids, collagen, ceramide, and squalane to give an intense dose of moisture. After washing, remove the mask one by one, please carefully spread. Apply the sheet mask to the whole face and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then take it off, spread the remaining liquid into the skin.

10. Utena PREMIUM PUReSA Golden Jelly Sheet Mask

Utena PREMIUM PUReSA Golden Jelly Sheet Mask

These masks contain 33 grams of golden jelly serum derived from two types of royal jelly; the jelly texture ensures maximum absorption of amino acids and ceramides that supply nutrition to the skin, refine texture, and make you look younger. Improves skin dullness, spots, and uneven skin tone. Take off the mask after 20-30 mins and massage and spread the remaining gel into your skin.

11. Shiseido Senka Perfect Silky Mask

Shiseido Senka Perfect Silky Mask

The Shiseido Senka Perfect Silky Mask is part of the Senka line and it’s perfect for all skin types. It’s a big face mask, with plenty of essence and perfect to be used to revitalize your skin, reduce the aging signs, and feel better. Wear the mask for up to 10 minutes before taking it off. After using this mask, it’s recommended to use a lotion and cream.

Best Japanese Face Masks: What’s the Best for You?

You can pick any sheet mask from the list above based on what best suits your budget, skin type, and skincare goals. Sheet masks will leave your facial skin healthy and nourished!

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