Best Japanese night cream for all skin types

When it comes to night cream, choosing one can be tricky. There are thousands of brands on the market today, and some creams can also be very expensive. Japanese women know a lot about night cream so if you want to know more about night creams and which is the best Japanese night cream, give this post a read!

How and why night creams are beneficial for our skin

Fo many Western women, applying a cream in the night seems too much, adhering to the misconception according to which your skin has to be kept free from everything during the night to make it “breathe”.

In reality, not using a night cream before going to bed is something extremely wrong: our face needs to stay hydrated 24/24 and the nighttime is the perfect time to help our skin to recover itself after a day outside, especially if in contact with pollution.

These are just a few of the benefits of a night cream:

  • It soothes our face.
  • It makes our skin soft
  • It helps our skin to restore its elasticity
  • It helps in repairing the damaged cells
  • It nourishes our skin.

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How to choose a night cream

Of course, choosing a good night cream is mandatory; in the past, night creams were heavy and very often they clogged the skin pores.

That’s why many people think applying a night cream is not a good idea: today, the night creams have changed a lot, and there are many new and innovative products, light and hypoallergenic, that nourish our skin.

Also, when choosing a night cream you should always evaluate your skin: if it’s greasy, you need an oil-free moisturizer, if it’s dry then you need a cream with a thick ointment.

How to apply a night cream

Pieces of evidence confirm that a night cream works only if it’s applied in the right way. These are the easy and quick 3 steps to follow when applying your night cream:

  1. Wash your face;
  2. Collect a small amount of the cream on your hands and dab it onto your face;
  3. Massage the cream on your skin with a circular massage.

Remember: night cream is not suitable for eye-lids and contacts with eyes, in general, should always be avoided.

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Best Japanese night cream

Japanese know a lot about creams and when it comes to skin care, they can teach a lot to us, Western women. A smooth and clean skin is mandatory for every Japanese woman and in order to tap into the high demand, there are tons of skin care products on the market; night creams are so popular that it can be difficult to know where to start. They are usually applied after a full evening beauty routine but they can also be applied alone if you don’t follow any special routine. They usually come in two forms: classical creams and sleeping masks.

What’s the difference between a night cream and a sleeping mask?

There’s no big difference between the two of them.

Night creams typically contain ingredients that hydrate the skin and also deliver active ingredients to help in restoring the skin’s elasticity. These products are usually heavier than the daily creams and can also contain ingredients our skin cannot tolerate during the day, for example retinol.

On the other side, sleeping masks are usually light and can be considered night creams on steroids cause they contain more nourishing and hydrating ingredients and during the night they retain water and help all the ingredients penetrate the skin in-depth.

The two products can be used alternately so to prevent the skin from getting used to one or the other product.

Based on this, which are the best Japanese night creams for our skin needs?

These are some of our choices with information on ingredients and a direct link where to buy them (if you’re in Japan prices will be cheaper):

Gokujun Koigokujun Perfect Gel

Think of Gokujun Koigokujun Perfect Gel as a passpartout: it’s a moisturizer, essence, face cream, and face mask as well. It’s perfect for people with no time or no interest in buying too many products. Light and easy to apply, it works both in the morning and in the night. Click to buy.

Pola Skincare and Cosmetics Red BA

An upscale night cream made for women interested in buying a product that works in moisturizing the skin and restoring skin cells. Click to buy.

Mentholatum – Hada Labo Goku-Jyun Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream

Specifically formulated with super hyaluronic acid, this night cream is very famous in Japan. Easy to apply and affordable, it’s ideal for nighttime use and it also helps in restoring damaged skin. Click to buy.

Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist Night Cream

This award-winning night cream intensively addresses visible lines and wrinkles. It’s extra-rich thanks to the Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid and the Hydroxyproline. Click to buy.

Shiseido Elixir Sleeping Pack

An affordable nigh mask from Shiseido with collagen, inositol, rosemary, and olive leaf extracts. Applied during the night, helps in getting rid of visible wrinkles and restore the skin’s PH. Click to buy.

Gekka Sleeping Pack

Collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, amino acids and licorice root help in leaving the skin soft, smooth and plump. Click to buy.

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