How To Straight Brows the Korean Way

Straight Korean brows have, as usual, something to do with how young you look and it’s not a mystery that Korean women want to appear younger and do everything to appear so. Straight brows mean you don’t have an arch, not above or beyond, and your brows won’t follow the line of your eyes. This result can be achieved by accurately trimming your brows or just by styling them in the right way.

How to straight your brows without trimming them

If you’re too scared to trim your brows and you don’t want to risk you don’t like them, just buy a few products that will allow you to give a different shape to your brows and follow this tutorial.

Step 1

Buy an eyebrow pencil a bit lighter of your own natural brow color. Start drawing over your brows making sure you draft straight brows around your natural shape.

Step 2

Once you’ve designed your perfectly straight brows, fill in the empty areas by using the same eyebrow pencil and make sure you draw over the existent brows to make sure there will be no arch.

Step 3

Use a complexion or a concealer to give a smooth touch to your eyes and your face, making you look surely different… and apparently even younger.

How to straight your brows by trimming them

In this case, you need to trim your existent brows to give them a new shape.
Make sure you buy an eyebrow razor, an eyebrow pencil a few shades lighter than your color and a brow spoolie.

Step 1

Line up the razor parallel to your eye. Move the razor up and down to clean up stray hairs razoring away any arch in the brow.

Step 2

Once you’ve done, draw a line straight from the highest point of your brow. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil making sure to give some definition to your brows keeping it soft and light.

Step 3

Give your brows a natural direction by using a spoolie and eventually a gel. Make sure you fill the empty spaces with more color.

Smart trick: Koreans are famous for their tools so it could be a great idea to buy an eyebrow stencil which will basically guide you in shaping your brows the perfect way. You can use the stencil for trimming the brows or just for refining them once you’ve done.

Check out this amazing tutorial on YouTube and learn how to straight your brows the Korean way:

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