Foaming, Gel, and Cream Cleansers: what’s the difference?

Every skincare enthusiast understands that cleansing the skin is an important step of taking care of one’s skin. Cleaning is no longer limited to just soap and water. With an array of skincare options currently available, especially for K-Beauty and J-Beauty lovers, it is difficult to know the differences between them. The world of skincare is like the rabbit’s hole that can be a maze and unending. So to make your choices simpler, we are outlining the difference between foaming, gel, and cream cleansers.

Remember: certain kinds are more effective on certain types of skin types. Choose one that would go well with your skin type and the expectations you would have with your cleanser. Follow up your cleansing routine with a pH balance toner and moisturizer.

Foaming Cleansers

The name is pretty much self-explanatory, foaming cleansers are cleansers that foam up. It is ideal for skin that is oily and/or susceptible to acne. The lather produced by the cleanser cleans up the skin by removing the excess natural oil and sebum present on the surface of the skin. It also clears up the pores by dislodging any debris present, removes makeup including the hard to remove sunscreen. They can be rather harsh on the skin, especially due to the presence of sodium lauryl sulfate. SLS can cause skin irritation, mostly on sensitive skin, and excess use may strip your face of moisture. Some brands replace the SLS with similar ingredients that offer a balanced and moisturizing cleanse.

Those who have dry skin can skip this typical cleanser since most foaming cleansers dry out the skin. However, certain cleansers are formulated to offer a moisturizing effect due to the emollients or oils present. Nevertheless, those having dry skin should prefer any other type of cleanser instead of a foaming cleanser. Ideally, foaming cleansers should not leave your skin feeling dry but if it does so or causes tightness in your skin, the cleanser is not suitable for you.

These are some of the most effective foaming cleansers you can find if you are an Asian Beauty lover:

Gel Cleanser

Unlike the foaming cleansers that are lightweight and aerated, gel cleansers are denser. The thick gel consistency does not lather up much and offers a milder cleaning. The advantage that they have over foam cleansers is that these do not strip the skin of its oils. Therefore, if foaming cleansers do not suit you, you can switch to gel cleansers. It is suitable for those having normal or combination skins. However, the composition of the formula may also determine how your skin may react to the cleanser. Similarly, depending on the formulation, gel cleansers could mildly foam or be bubble-free. Pretty much like the foaming cleansers, gel cleansers can cut through surface oil and makeup. You can use these cleansers at night to remove makeup. Apart from the usual cleansing action, gel cleansers can carry out other skincare effects like toning, detoxifying, and skin decongestion.

These are some of the most effective gel cleansers you can find if you are an Asian Beauty lover:

Cream Cleansers

Cream cleanser completely eliminates the soapy suds and contains a creamy, milky formula that can mildly cleanse the skin. It is ideal for those having sensitive, matured, or dry skin. Cream cleansers contain natural oils mixed with water with the aid of emulsifiers and have the capacity to calm down the skin in the event of a skin inflammation. These cleansers may not need the involvement of water and can be simply applied to the skin and then wiped off to have the cleansing effect. They seal in the moisture and nourish the skin.

If you struggle with rosacea, cream cleansers can be really effective in cleaning your skin and soothing the redness. Also, those facing premature skin aging can make use of cream cleansers. Those having acne-prone or oily skin should avoid using cream cleansers.

These are some of the most effective cream cleansers you can find if you are an Asian Beauty lover: