Asian Makeup Trends You Need To Try Now

Asian Makeup Trends You Need To Try Now

Asian makeup trends are dominating the industry and even if we think we know everything, in reality trends are always changing and this means it can be hard to keep it up and stay on top of the news.

When we say Asian makeup trends, we can easily restrict the definition to Korean and Japanese products: they’re in fact changing the perception of makeup Worldwide thanks to their formulations, their packaging and of course the looks that look always more flattering than the one given by Western products.

Here’s a round up of some of the most popular trends straight from Seoul and Tokyo, for all the Asian Beauty Products lovers out there.

Korean and Japanese MakeUp Trends

Under-eye Blush

Western women are not used to wear under-eye blush and the reason is pretty simple: it can give you a weird look. In fact, it is supposed to give the effect of appearing more youthful and doll-like, and that’s why Japanese girls and women love it: it allows women to play with their inner child! Depends on the color(s) you use, it can also make your eyes look brighter and big. It’s definitely a huge trend in Japan, one we should export as soon as possible.

Vitamin C Lip

Koreans are famous for their gradient lips but one of the most interesting trends is the so-called Vitamin C Lip: it is a layer of orange based red color covered with gloss. The effect is natural and glamour, a bit childish but using good products allows to get also a stylish and classy result.

Colored Eyeliner

We use to apply brown, black or green eyeliner but in Korea the option are endless and you may end up with a spectacular makeup by just using the right color on your eyes.

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Velvet Skin

The notorius Korean glass skin is now flanked by the Velvet Skin: a childish face colored with natural colors and velvety in terms of looks and appearance. Achieving a velvet and cloudlesss complexion is the result of clean eating, a regimented skincare routine, plenty of sleep, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

No-makeup makeup

A never ending trend, the no-makeup makeup is typical of South Korea and Japan. It’s all about taking care of your skin without the needs for a lot of products: hydrate is the magic word, the one that will allow you to aim for a perfect no-makeup makeup.

Sheet Masks

Western women are not used to sheet masks but if carefully chosen sheet masks can be a good add on to our skin care routine. One of the biggest trends in South Korea and Japan is to choose highly customised sheet masks, according to the skin issues/problems to be addressed. They are not properly makeup but they can be used before applying the makeup so to give the skin a better look.

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Chinese MakeUp Trends

Chinese makeup trends are a bit less famous if compared with Korean and Japanese. Still, it’s worth mentioning the makeup industry in China is well developed as well.

Here’s a round up of some of the most popular trends straight from China, for all the Asian Beauty Products lovers out there.

Sculpture makeup

It’s not that popular among common women, but apparently Chinese women love to change their look by using their makeup a lot. It’s not about contouring a-la-Kardashian, it’s more reconstructing pieces of their faces and literally using fake structures and makeup to appear different. Have a look at the viral video by this woman, identified as Qi Huahua, or have a look here.

Face Roll

This is not properly a makeup trend but it shapes the type of makeup Chinese women use. In fact, for the Chinese one of the most important aspects of beauty is face shapes. That’s why face rolls are a big trend in China: they help giving women the perfect face shape which is traditionally egg-shaped or with a v-shaped chin.

Must Have Asian Makeup and Beauty Products

No matter which trend you wanna follow, these are the must have Asian makeup products:

  • BB Cream
  • A Blush
  • A Waterproof Pen Liner
  • A Gloss
  • A Cushion

These are the must have Asian beauty products:

  • A cleanser
  • An essence
  • A toner
  • A serum

Asian Makeup Trends: is it a wrap?

In this article, we did summarise some of the most important Asian makeup trends mentioning the Korean, Japanese and also the Chinese trends. As the world itself suggests, trends are always changing and evolving so it may no be hard to spot something different.

For this reason, we will keep updating this article with more information so to keep up with the news! In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share this article!