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On Asian Beauty Corner, we wanna share amazing, interesting and useful beauty tips and tricks directly from Asia.We will review products, advice on where and why to buy and why.

Asia is Heaven when it comes to beauty: innovative, while sometimes strange, beauty and skincare products are released pretty much constantly and beauty industry also focuses on a holistic, in-depth approach where the skin is king. That’s why we want you to give insights on the best products on the market, how to use them.

The aim is not to help you in achieving the same beauty standards of Asian women but to help you in staying healthy and beautiful on the inside and out. The East equates beauty to balance and that’s the major thing about Asian Beauty.

We also talk about the cultural differences between East and West when it comes to beauty standards and behaviors.

Asian Beauty Corner is for all the women (and men) interested in knowing more about the beauty standards in Asia and for all the women already in the Asian Beauty state of mind.

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